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Customized tours

Fishing in Cuba

There is nothing like the thrill of fishing! So come on over live, breathe, eat and digest the amazing adventure of fishing in Cuba! Our most beloved fishing sites are buried deep in the wild and practically unknown places. Unless your heart is carved from stone, you fall in mesmerizing love with the exotic and exquisite natural scenery throughout your fishing experience.

There are four rivers from which we fish for Snook and Tarpon; these locations are very remote and beautiful. As for Fly fishing for Bone fish, this is done is Las Salinas Del Brito, a protected and RAMSAR (Wetland of International Importance) listed site. Bass fishing is done in two different locations. The first site is Theregion of Pinar del Rio. The natural surrounding here is simply breath-taking. The second site is located in the central region of Cuba, a beautiful placed called Escambray Mountains. You will absolutely love it there!
As for the infamous deep sea fishing; this excursion is carried out in the Caribbean Ocean. The water is nice and calm and is filled with an abundance of shimmering fish gliding through the shimmering blue sea.